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Here at WTS Tattoo Studio both, appointments and walk-ins are welcomed. Our staff speak English, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish, communication isn’t a problem for our customers.

Getting a tattoo hurts, it is not painless. Also please keep in mind that the perception of pain varies for each individual and location. That being said, we do not promise a painless tattoo, but we will do our best to make the experience be as much comfortable as possible. In the end having a great ink is what matters the most and we from WTS Tattoo Studio are here to bring to you great results. To make that possible, the following lines are our conditions and workflow, please read them before contacting us.

Sanitary conditions

To maintain sanitary conditions and safety of our staff and clients,  the following equipment are in use:

Disposable materials such as: needles, ink, gloves, wrap cloth, paper, etc

Inside the studio it is not permitted to:

Drink alcoholic drinks 

Service Rules

The shop will not provide service for:

Those under 18 years old. Proof of age is required
Members of criminal organizations
Those who are pregnant or breastfeeding
Those under the influence of alcohol or drugs
Those requesting tattoo for face or any other locations the artist feels uncomfortable in tattooing

Pricing & payment method​

The starting price is ¥11.000.
The price will be determined by the design, style, size and location, please contact us for a estimate.
For larger pieces such as half/full sleeve and full back, the estimate will be done in person.


Credit Card


Our shop welcome walk-ins but we ask your comprehension regarding the availability of our artists. If not possible to do in the day, we will ask you to make an appointment.
The appointments can be done by mail, phone or in person, but in some cases we only make appointment in person. When making an appointment an upfront payment (safety deposit) of ¥5.000 is necessary.
When trying to make the appointment, please try to be clear on your idea as much as possible and include information such as location, approximate size, style, color, etc. Also if you have any reference picture please bring them and show us, it is easier to understand what you want with visual reference.
For large works we strongly recommend your presence here when making the appointment. We might need to take measurements of the placement.
We do not provide the sketch of the designs before the appointment day. You will check the design before your appointment, if you want to make any changes it can be done, as long as it doesn’t require too much changes that will affect the day’s scheduling, in that case we can reschedule the appointment for another date.

Appointment Day

Any delays over 15 mim or more for your appointment, may require us to reschedule it for another date depending on the day’s schedule
If you bring any companion, please respect the work ambient to not disturb the artist

Cancel and reschedule​

Any cancel or rescheduling must be done 24 hours prior the appointment day. In the case of no notice, the deposit will not be returned and be considered as cancellation fee.