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highest quality of Tattoos

WTS Tattoo Studio

Kanagawa, Ebina, HigashiKashiwagaya 2-24-17 Cent Hill A

Opening Hours

Tue - Sun: 12pm-8pm
Monday: Closed

We are here to ink you

Diverse Styles

Be it American traditional, Japanese or Black and Grey, we can work with several styles.

Talented Artists

We are selective on our resident and guest artists, only talented artists will handle your tattoo.

Custom design & Flash design

We do flash designs such as Sailor Jerry, but you can ask for a custom design as well.

Multi language friendly

Our staff can speak the following languages: English, Portuguese, Japanese and Spanish.

Direct train line from Shinjuko, Shibuya and Yokohama

English/Spanish/Portuguese languages

Accept Credit Card, Paypal and cash

Parking lot on the premises


1 - Check out Studio Info

Before anything else, please check out the Studio Info page. There are important information regarding doing tattoo with us.
You can contact us calling, via email, SNS, or our contact form.
In the case of calls, it is easier for us to answer on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.
The first contact is mainly for getting to know the idea and book a consultation date.                                                             

2 - Contact Us

3 - Booking and Consultation

By default, we only make appointments in person. It is preferable as our artists want to check the location of the tattoo, the actual size, and easier to explain the design.
For overseas clients, all the contact is made via email.
For a better experience, please rest well before the appointment day.                                                                                   

Appointment day

WTS Latest works have available spots for walk in`s this week. Don`t forget to stop by to get inked!!
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